Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Can dudes just calm the F down?

This has always been the case but I have especially been noticing it lately. Whenever I mention to a male that I'm super psyched about training to run the 10k I get almost the same exact response from every single one of them.

"You don't have to train for that. I could run 10 miles right now."


enter agro man.

The human body is resilient, especially for the young. I know that if my life depended on it, I could probably run 20 miles. That. is. not. the. point.

I used to be able to jump right into a game of soccer without stretching. Then, the day came when I realized how incredibly stupid that is. The point is not what you are capable of, the point is what you can do and enjoy yourself and not suffer for it the next day or further on down the road.

I bought this book recently even though I have absolutely no exercise related injuries to speak of. Being 30 now though, it's suddenly very important to me to prevent, at any cost, anything that will enfeeble me. It's a great resource in general but because it's written by an MD it has lots of anecdotes of dumb things runners do. For example, run way too much, too quickly. Usually, of course, they are male.

All I'm saying is that our life expectancy is pretty damn high at this point, do you *cough, men* really want to spend 40 of those years with a shit knee?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still loaded, a less little less hunched. Oh yeah and screw Lululemon.

I took up running last spring but got interrupted over the winter. I started up a couple weeks ago and I realized I had forgotten how addictive it is. So addictive, in fact, that I've decided to run the Cap10k here in Austin. It's in April and it's my first race ever so I thought I would take my running from relaxing hobby to goal-oriented training. Having never played competitive sports, very uncharted.

Point is, my chatter will now include running joys and woes as well.

Woe of the day: Luxury work out gear
I don't think much of high end brands in my day to day life but today I was reminded of how revolting they can be.

Exhibit A: Lululemon
I know there are a lot of athletic brands that sell horribly overpriced goods made by small south asian hands. This, however, deserves mention.

Mala beads, I just learned, are used in Hinduism and Buddhism during prayer and meditation. They remind me of the Rosary used in Catholicism. Lululemon has decided to manufacture these. Fine. They are charging over a hundred dollars for their co-opted version. 

There are obviously many other garments they sell that are stupidly overpriced like 60 dollar tank tops but that's a lot of companies and that's a rant for a different day. It's the need to validate the outlandish price tag on a string of cheap beads with an ancient religious practice that's not even their own.

So like I said earlier, screw Lululemon.