Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I have seen the future and it is to be run in Brooks Ghost

Today was the first run I've been on that had absolutely no shin pain in weeks. I had almost forgotten the joy of running without fear of sudden pain. I went so slow that I'm sure anyone that saw me from the road thought all sorts of mean things about how I may as well be walking. But I didn't care because it meant that I could see the light at the end of this horrible dark tunnel.

I did finally go out and get new shoes after having put an excess of 700 miles in the last pair. I went and got fitted for a bunch of different shoes but ended up going with the Brooks Ghost and they're a dream. 

They're marvelous. I'm a mid-forefoot striker and they seem to do very well for that. The fit around my ankle is also superb. I'm not sure if I have weird protruding ankles but sometimes certain shoes will crash against them. I also seem to have a strangely wide toe box but narrow heels. Women with these issues will understand the pain I must endure when forced to wear formal shoes for weddings and the such. Shoe manufacturers seem to think a lady's toe box should be just as slender as her heel the same way disney animators seem to think a woman's waist should be the same circumference of her neck and her eyes as big as her brain.  

Again, I'm going slow but I think this has given me the boost to register for the half marathon in February!

Anyone else in?