Thursday, May 7, 2015

First 10k completed and running dogs

It was actually April 12th but I haven't gotten around to writing about it. I ran it with some friends who are all way better and faster runners than me but I'm proud to have finished running it anyway. I walked up hills but ran the rest. Next up: half marathon!

I think I'll go ahead and register so that I have to train. The last couple weeks have been light on the running but it's picking up again. Even better, without really meaning to, I find myself running faster than I used to. Not sure why but I do know one thing that will for sure keep me motivated.

I got a new puppy yesterday. When I started running initially, I took my little 7 lb dog, Marvin, out with me. He's a little chihuahua mix but he's lanky and could run for miles. I had to stop running with him because he has some cervical vertebrae issues and it was making him gimpy. This little one, Estelle appears to be a chihuahua/terrier mix of some kind and at two months she's already half of Marvin's weight. Once we get through with all the puppy training I'm hoping she'll get big enough to run with.

I know what people think. "Why not just get a big dog?" Theoretically, I love bigger dogs. Bigger than 90 lb gets hard but within reason, I think they're super cool. The problem is everything is more expensive with a big dog and I really like the ease of portability that little dogs give you.

Anyhow, here's hoping Estelle gets past 12 lb.