Friday, April 29, 2011

The might Fanny Pack

I usually carry my big pack with me to take tools, an extra book, extra tube, a sweater and my hand pump lest I be stranded, bored or cold. This, however can get cumbersome and the other night I decided I was being ridiculous in carrying my pack just for bike tools. Enter: THE MIGHTY FANNY PACK. I was able to fit a patch kit, tire levers, chapstick, I.D., debit card, cash, a couple of cigarettes and a multi-tool in it and then I just attached my hand pump to my rack with a zip tie and voila!

A pack-free night.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Just rode home in a borrowed jacket. Two things:

1) northface, marmot, patagonia, y'all can all suck it, because this simple cotton jacket kept me pretty dern warm.

2) even with the bulk of a men's cut jacket, I got an 'adios' a few blocks from my house.

2.a) I had just been thinking about how much I love Brooksmith because it reminds me of Mexico with all the people hanging out on the wrought-iron fenced-in patios and the faint wafts of fajitas in the air. Then I get the 'adios.' It was a bit too perfect.

I love bridges

I'm not sure why, but biking over a bridge gives me a weird sense of expansiveness. In this case, it was the bridge over Highway 59, so not as pretty as the Congress street bridge in Austin but still, it's nice.